14 thoughts on “Music Therapy – Victoria, BC”

    1. I often see Kelvin at the Salt Spring Market, and just love his music – haunting, magical and very beautiful. His CD is really lovely, and it great sharing these lovely sounds with my friends – who are also very impressed. I have called into the Parks Board just to let them know of Kelvin’s artistry and grace. Thank you – it is always such a pleasure to see you and enjoy your lovely music.
      Yvonne – Salt Spring. xx

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  1. Kelvin has played for us at the Moss Street Market in Victoria, BC several times. We are always pleased to have him and enjoy the musical and energy that he adds to the market! We hope to have the honour to have him there many more times. He really captivates so many market go-ers with his talent. Thank you, Kelvin, for sharing your music. It really is a pleasure to listen to.

    – Dinah, MSM Manager

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  2. Just finished listening to the La Luna CD from Kelvin at the Sidney Street Market yesterday… and enjoyed every note! There is something very magical about this artist that comes through in his music. Looking forward to our next live encounter.

    why not studios
    victoria bc

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  3. Love being inspired by Kelvin’s music. It always touches my soul. As a vendor at bastion square market I noticed when he played there sales would increase because of the ambiance he created with his magical music. Patrons would slow down and take the time to shop and socialize all because of Kelvin’s hypnotic guitar playing!

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  4. Kelvin has performed at several of our events, and is such a talented and professional performer. He is a fantastic musician, and we received many compliments on his performance both during and after each event. We love the way his music adds to the ambiance of our events, and we look forward to booking Kelvin again soon!
    – Sarah, Oaklands Sunset Market

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  5. The first time I heard Kelvin playing at the Car Free Fathers Day in June, I was drawn in by the sound of his guitar music from quite a distance and dodged people and vendor booths to find the source….I was completely mesmerized. His CD which I enjoy frequently and hearing him playing today at Moss St Market again captivated me….his amazing talent and wonderful music touches my soul. He is incredibly talented and what he shares is wonderful gift ~ Thank you Kelvin!

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    1. Kelvin, you ask time to stop and breathe. It hears you and calls all who listen to let time rest and slip into their bones. Thank you .
      Make sure when you go to Spain, to hold onto that magic place only you can hear – take time to sit on a hill and play La Luna to yourself….
      Thank you for your music!!

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  6. Standing in line to buy food at the Sidney Street Market, and this haunting, mystical, magical, ethereal yet powerful music captures my soul! I had to buy a CD, and it is playing, again, as I type this. Kelvin you are so talented, I’m sure you are destined for big things. It was a pleasure to watch you get totally lost and in love with what your were playing. I’m so glad I have a piece of it to share! All the best to you, and I hope to see you perform again!

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  7. When you play, the world can’t help but stop to listen. I have been immersed in the blissful harmony of your music, while I write on my blog. Creativity must be shared, sending ripples into our hearts…you have imprinted yourself onto many xx

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  8. When you play your music, the world can’t help but stop and listen. When I write on my blog, your harmonies are being threaded through my creativity.
    An artist knows the value of connection and imprinting upon people’s hearts, the notes your fingertips share…one moment at a time xx
    Be well and continue to shine your light.

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  9. Hello I heard you play in Sidney and loved it! I’m a big fan of acoustic guitar but not all songs can I listen to all the time. Your stuff stopped me in my track. Thank you I have your CD but also I took some photos of you. Please get in contact with me so I can give them to you.


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